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Scanics | Records Management Solutions | Champaign, IL

  • Scanics will scan and convert your paper-based records or files including photos into digital images (PDF/TIFF)

  • Come to your office to pick up your records to be scanned

  • Remove all the staples, paper clips, and binding

  • Scan the paper records to your preferred file format

  • Name the files based upon your specifications

  • Proof the digital files

  • Transfer the digital files to CD/Flashdrive/Portable Hard Drive

  • Deliver the digital files to your office

  • Return the paper records to your office or shred the records upon request


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Records Scanning

  • Accounts Payable receipts

  • Shipping receipts

  • HR records

  • Student records

  • Research documents

  • Legal case files and court records

  • Photographs

Types of Records

Scanics Benefits

  • Secure and Confidential Process.

  • Protection against fire, flooding, or wind damage.  

  • Save Office Space.  

  • Easy to access digital records stored on your server, disk, or cloud-based storage

  • Hassle Free -  SCANICS does all the work for you



  • 16mm format

  • 35mm format

  • Printed and labeled for easy identification

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