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SILO enables a SILO customer to securely store and to easily access your digital records, and your records are protected from loss to due to wind, fire, or water damage.  The primary SILO benefit which differentiates it from other cloud-based storage, is that a Scanics representative will upload your Scanics scanned files into the correct SILO folders at no additional charge.  You the customer, can choose to upload the digital files yourself after the files have been scanned by Scanics, but it is EASIER, REQUIRES LESS TIME AND MAINTENANCE if Scanics does it for you!  SILO was developed by Scanics and is supported by Scanics.  

SILO is a subscription based Scanics service that offers a customer a customized cloud-based data storage space that electronically stores your business records (such as paid invoices and receipts), government records, and other professional or personal records in customized digital folders.  However, SILO includes Scanics scanning service to convert the paper-based records to digital records, and a certified Scanics representative will upload the digital records into SILO.  The Scanics representative will also customize and name your digital primary folders and sub-folders to store your digital files in order for you to easily locate and access your digital records.

What is SILO?

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SILO benefits

After Scanics scans the selected paper records, Scanics will then names the digital files.  A customized SILO site will be created and you, the customer, creates your private login and password.  Scanics will upload the digital records into the customized digital folders to meet the customers requirements.  The customer can securely view, print, or email the digital records on demand via internet access and web browser.  Please contact Scanics during normal business hours to speak with a live Scanics representative to learn more about SILO and how you can save time and money.

How does SILO work?

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