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Customize your disk packaging with our professional scratch-resistant thermal printing. It provides crisp black text or graphics on the silver face of the CD or DVD.


Color printing on inserts is another option to consider. Call with any questions you may have, or ask for a FREE quote.

Do you need to mass duplicate a CD or DVD? Save costs by having us take care of that for you. With Scanics, you'll have more control over the return on your investment.


We also do audio-visual (VHS) conversion

for theatre productions and music

recording artists.

CD / DVD duplication service

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CD / DVD printing

Our experienced staff can take your project from start to finish and turn out a beautiful product.


Whether you are working on a personal project or a work assignment, our CD / DVD duplication and printing service will give you a professional product that's sure to impress.

Why use Scanics?

The answer is no, but the larger your order, the lower the price per piece. Call us for pricing information. We will also drop-ship your order if you'd like. Whatever piece of your project we're part of, we'll deliver on-time for you.

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